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The Dakota Protection Plan

Our team of heating and cooling experts always puts your family’s comfort above all. That is why we present the Dakota Protection Plan: an integral solution that exceeds everything other HVAC companies in Dakota offers. With this comprehensive solution, we make an additional effort to take care of it as no one else can.

Imagine considerable monthly savings, unbeatable comfort in your home, and the security of a reliable company supporting it. All of that is what our plan offers. Thus, let us handle all HVAC things while you focus on what cares.

Say goodbye to worrying about damage in your HVAC systems and give way to a quieter life with us. Join today and experience the best heating and cooling service you have had, regardless of the season. Keep your family comfortable and your pocket happy!

$41.99 / Month
$499 / Year

What will you be hiring?

Our two yearly maintenance visits will keep your HVAC system running at its best, saving you money and hassle in the long run! These inspections include a free Sensi Smart System HVAC Monitoring –valued at $299. Plus, we will clean your system during our service visits (air filters included).

Save up to 10% on clean air products and breathe easy by knowing your family’s health is protected with AirPro.

With The Dakota Protection plan, you’ll be first in line for any HVAC installation, saving you time and trouble! And as the cherry on top, we provide full coverage for labor on repairs due to equipment failure.

Say goodbye to the waiting jingle with our dedicated line for plan members!

Take your Protection Plan on the road when you move, or hand it off to your tenants for worry-free renting!

VIP partners like you deserve a discount – enjoy up to 15% off on all future HVAC repairs and upgrades!

We mean it when we call it “The Dakota Protection Plan”: we’ll make time for you, even when we’re swamped! We guarantee same-day scheduling & 24-hour emergency service for your peace of mind.

Our yearly attic inspection guarantees efficient HVAC operation and safety. We will assess if you need one attic insulation replacement for a cozy, secure home!

The Dakota Protection Plan means unlimited free tune-ups for your loved ones – because when you’re part of the AirPro family, they are too!

With SmartAC Technology


App Technology

Our app features let you take control of your HVAC insights and health.

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